GE Healthcare Giraffe Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation System

#RG MeditronApril 8, 2021

When you’re caring for your newborn patients, you want the best phototherapy you can get. GE Healthcare's line of phototherapy products helps you deliver exceptional, effective jaundice management and promote a family care environment.

The Giraffe Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation System provides you with access to critical equipment you need for safe, effective resuscitation of the newborns in your care. And it’s so portable that you can set it up anywhere you need it, from the Emergency Department to NICU to well-baby nursery.

With our Giraffe Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation System, you'll get:

Critical capabilities so you're never without the resuscitation tools you need.
Innovation that you can rely on, so you can focus on your patient not the equipment.
An all in one compact unit that fits into your workflow.